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Your Warm Ray of Sunshine

Beauty, laughter, and seduction. It should be so simple and with me, it is.

Sunny and down-to-earth, I'm a girl who prefers turquoise to diamonds, equally comfortable scaling a rock formation in the desert as I am sharing a heart-to-heart over a bottle of San Pellegrino.

My warm smile and sense of humor will give you a feeling reminiscent of your skin soaking up sun on a beach. I believe my kindness and thirst for life shine during our time together. 

Intelligent and sociable, I'm comfortable wherever I am. You are my sole focus starting from the moment we meet. My aim is to make sure the time we spend together feels like a stress-free and all around fun mini vacation.

I know you’re probably sick of reading little bios and wondering how true any of it is. I enjoy getting to know people and making them happy. I want to know what excites them, what confuses them, what makes them laugh. I believe every person has admirable and lovable qualities that I aim to bring out. I hope that when someone walks away they’re left with a smile on their face that lasts through the day or longer.

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