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Your screening is a bit strict. Is there another option? Your privacy and my safety are important. I go to great lengths in protecting both and would never do anything to compromise either one. Please understand that I do not budge on screening. Two recent provider references or work verification is required.

Do you drink or smoke? I do not smoke tobacco at all. For drinks, rarely. College is behind me and I was never much of a party-person at that point either! I'm a nerd who would rather play video games and watch TED talks.

So, what do you like to drink? I despise coffee. I aced undergraduate engineering without a single drop! I enjoy tea to soothe and wine only on a special occasion. Otherwise, water is my true friend and likely what I'll ask for when we meet. I'll have wine available for you in my incall, but if you'd like to bring something when we meet, I love juice.

What will you be wearing when we meet? Depends. What do you like? My style is typically classic, yet understated. Sometimes that means a simple, form-fitting grey dress and other times it means a lovely top with jeans. Think Parisian chic.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? No tattoos and only the normal piercings on my ears! There are numerous things I love in this world such as my family (and my cat) and even more interesting qualities about me but I'd rather tell you my stories than showcase them on my body.

On your 'Gifts' page, I read you have back problems. Are you able to exercise? Exercise is a requirement and a hobby for me. I need to stay strong to support my back and now it's simply enjoyable for me to stay at a peak fitness level. Endorphins make you happy!

Do you accept Credit Card? I accept cash and card. Please let me know beforehand if you would like to pay through credit card.

Do you provide references? Yes! Enthusiastically, yes! If we've already met, please don't hesitate to use me as a reference.

Can I write a review? I find that my current reviews give a beautifully accurate description of who I am and what it is like to spend time with me. To be quite honest, I believe what happens between myself and another person should stay between us. The environment reviews have created can be toxic for everyone involved and I don't wish to partake. If you would like to write a review, please ask me beforehand.

Are your photos really of you? Can I have a picture of your face? Yes, they are me and nope, please don't ask. The only alterations in photos are lighting, otherwise they are all recent and accurate. I find my face beautiful, but privacy and discretion are important.

Do you cater to couples/women? Yes, and screening still applies. For couples, I need to speak to both of you to ensure what you are both looking for in our encounter.

How do you feel about duos? There are a few women in the area whose company I truly enjoy and would feel more than excited to have a tryst with both you and one of them!

Do you have reviews/where do you advertise? I'm currently listed on P411, TER (listed under a Canadian city), and Slixa. Audrey Blake’s escort ad on Slixa Boston