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Gifts are always appreciated, but never expected. I appreciate the experiences and books that expand my mind, more than a pretty trinket around my wrist. 

As an animal lover, a donation to your local animal shelter or to Abandoned Pet Project will mean the most to me.

If you'd like the guesswork taken out of choosing a gift, visit my updated Amazon wishlist!

I have a large bathtub, but for a soothing post-workout soak Inman Square Oasis is best.

Without my scars, you'd never know but I've had multiple spinal surgeries. Massages greatly help relieve chronic pain! Massage Therapy Works

Lastly, if you're thinking of gifting flowers, I would prefer a potted plant! I'm trying to create a little forest in my apartment.

Other Gift Cards

New photos to look at when we're not together

Bordelle + Bluebella to enjoy when we are together

Barnes and Noble because "a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone"

Revzilla because motorcycles are the closest feeling to flying

Amazon for anything else